We believe in dreams, in goodness and sustainable relationships.

Plinthstone is a multi-specialty realty advisory company that prides in creating unique solutions services for realty industry. Our services are uniquely designed to solve your brand and business problems. We believe in powering dreams for our stakeholders in a way that it creates value for brands, businesses and people we associate with.

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Service Spectrum

Our spectrum ranges to capture critical functions of real estate across segments. Our services are uniquely designed for our partners to solve brand and business problems. As an offshoot of our development principles, our services reflect positive outcomes that benefit our partners in business sustenance while unlocking potentials across business verticals; resulting in unique positioning & revenue growth.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Land
  • Warehousing
  • Retail

Business Solutions

Our business solutions are designed to create value for the realty industry. Our aim is to operate with high standards for developers, channel partners and customers to bring brand and business success for them.

  • Developer Solutions
  • Channel Partner Solutions
  • IT Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Brand & Marketing Solutions
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Our Legacy Works For You

Legacy is made by bringing brands and business together.

We Do Not Discount, we Get Fair Market Price to our partner developers. This is made possible by our Unique Sales methods by best minds in the industry that is touched by our unique culture & development models. We achieve Volumes At Market Price through Unique Product Placements. Amongst other things we touch technology just as technology touches us. Our Technology Advantage to developers and channel partners is visionary and on ground success.

Ongoing Projects

Creating partnerships that works for the success of the projects

Development Principles

Our development principles form the basis for everything we do at Plinthstone. From the people we hire to strategies we develop or how we build partnerships. This defines our working behaviors and practices. If something doesn’t qualify these principles; we simply don’t do it. This is our secret sauce for success.

We draw influences into our work from around the world; from people, books and best practices. We bring authenticity in everything we do for remarkable outcomes. Our authentic influences will help our clients and partners create value from the prism of global best practices for local executions.

We believe in honest practices that create trusted and transparent transactions. Our systems and processes are designed to reduce or eliminate elements of risks and uncertainty. Our culture creates an environment for minds and business to flourish with critical sense of responsibility with freedom. We’re good people to deal with.

Value creation is core to everything we do. Our brand and business successes are measured by the value we create for our clients and for our people. Our processes governed by strategy & design thinking create commercial value in products and experiences that makes unique offering in marketplace.

Our associations are rewarding and long lasting simply because we are mindful of it. Our endeavors in solving problems and creating value will bring sustained results in a way that our partnerships thrives on the principles of good relationships and shared values.


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The Dream Team

Plinthstone is bound by a common dream; one that brings good people together for one another.

Harish Sharma
Founder & CEO
Nitin Parashar
Director - Business Development
Avinash Sahay
Director - Strategic Alliance
Sidhartha Gupta
Director - Sales
Saurav Shaw
Chief Marketing Officer
Manan Shah
Chief Operating Officer
Anupama Jha
Chief People Partner

Our Clients

Core team has dealt with the following developers in the past